Control Test Sunday 15 March 2020 | 1.30pm-4.15pm | WAG L8-10 & MAG L8-10

Date: Sunday, March 15, 2020

General Warm-Up 1.30pm
Competition 1.55pm
Session End 4.00pm


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  What AgeKey CompetenciesRole Description Name
  What AgeKey CompetenciesRole Description Name
 Runner 6+ability to follow instructions & move around the competition floor without distracting competitorstake paper copy of scores from judges and deliver to Score Checker in the office.#1: Shoko T.
 Scoring Data Entry (BTS) 14+attention to detail; ability to use ipad / tablet for basic data entrycollect scores (Difficulty & Execution & tech deductions) from the judges and enter correctly both onto the paper scoresheet and into BTS online scoring system, following the BTS procedure #1: Hannah-Rose T.
     #2: Yoga G.
     #3: travis G.
 Score Flasher 8+attention to detail; good numerical abilitydisplay gymnast number and score (to 3 decimal places) on a manual scoreboard#1: travis G.
 Announcer16+ability to read a prepared script and confidently talk into a microphone; play music from a computer playlist; ability to remain composed in time pressure situationsclearly announce the competition as per the competition script; where unsure, check with club coaches on the correct pronunciation of each athlete name; liaise with the Floor Manager to ensure gymnasts rotate to the next apparatus on time; announce scores from printed results sheet#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
 Floor Manager 18+sound knowledge of equipment – movement / adjustment; good time management; ability to communicate with and direct coaches in a polite manner; ability to remain composed in time pressure situationsensure the equipment is safe and correct for the competition/level, encourage judges, coaches and other key people to stay on time, run coaches meeting on the floor, marshall gymnasts for march-on and presentations, assist presenters with presentations #1: Aneya C.
 Assistant Floor Manager 14+move equipment safely, follow direction of Floor Managerassist the floor manager to adjust / move equipment where required before, during and post session#1: Wayne O.
 Canteen Assistant (Server) 16+friendly, collect money, arrange change & communicate orders correctly, prepare food for judgestake canteen orders & communicate them correctly to the canteen cook, collect payment and give correct change, ensure stock (drinks, chips etc) is well maintained#1: travis G.
 Canteen Assistant (Food Prep) 16+ability to cook sausages, meat patties, bacon & eggs, ability to heat pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, and other dishes; knowledge of safe food handling practicesprepare items as per the menu, ensure food is thoroughly cooked / heated prior to serving. Use safe food handling practices ensuring you wear clean gloves / use tongs etc where required. May be required to prepare sandwiches and other meals for judges & coaches where directed by the Event Coordinator#1: travis G.
 Volunteer Coordinator 18+Work well with others, ability to oversee a range of tasks, ability to take charge and cope under pressureEnsure all other volunteers are in the correct positions and performing required tasks#1: Sandy P.
 First Aid and CPR 18+Current First Aid and CPR certificate.Supply first aid and CPR certificate to before August 24th. Provide first aid in the event of an injury.#1: Ken G.
 Scoring Validation18+Basic math skills and can use excelData entry into excel to manually cross check all scoress entered into BTS#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed