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See what the little tikes can do

Kinder Gym Under 5's Programs

Introducing basic skills and strength building fun activities

Kinder Gym Under 5's Programs

See what the little tikes can do

Gym Bubs

Crawlers to under 3's

Walking – 3 Years

Walking to 3yrs

Gym Play

For 4 to 5 years old


Step Pre-Prep

Benetifs of Gymnastics for Kids

Fun and Playful Learning

Gymnastics classes for toddlers are fun and engaging, incorporating games, music, and colorful equipment to foster a positive attitude towards physical activity.

Motor Development

Gymnastics helps toddlers develop fundamental motor skills, including crawling, walking, jumping, and balancing.

Coordination and Balance

Toddlers improve coordination and balance through activities like crawling under obstacles and walking on a balance beam.

Social Interaction and Confidence

Gymnastics classes promote social skills, turn-taking, and following directions, boosting toddlers’ confidence.