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Gymnastics Townsville Adults classes are open to all abilities.
We offer a range of classes to suit Novice to Advanced.
We run a specific strength and conditioning class as well as specialised tumbling sessions and apparatus classes.

Choose one or multiple times a week to attend!

Strength and Conditioning
These classes will work muscles you never knew you had! A range of activities using gymnastics equipment and free weights. A fast paced 60 min session including Cardio, Core and Upper Body exercises every week!

Gymstart classes are for all adults interested in starting gymnastics. These classes focus on developing a fundamental skill basis. These skills are completed across a range of equipment including men and women’s apparatus. Your coach will guide you through skills and assist where necessary.

GymStart Tumbling provides and introduction to Rolls, Handstands, Cartwheels and Roundoffs with the use of a Sprung Floor, Gymnastics Boxes and a Track Trampoline

GymStart Apparatus uses a mix of equipment such as Uneven Bars, Beam, Vault and Parallel Bar to develop Fundamental Gymnastics Skills across many platforms.

These classes are invite only. They are designed for ex-gymnasts looking for a fun, social return to the sport. All new members will have to TRIAL and be assessed to move into our ADV Classes.

Advanced Tumbling utilises the Full Size Sprung Floor for developing tumbling passes as well as a track trampoline for a 90 minute tumble specific class.

Advanced Apparatus uses a mix of equipment such as Uneven Bars, Beam, Vault and Parallel Bar to advance through national level skills such as Cast to Handstands, Walkovers on Beam, Hiccups and a Range of Salto Tumbles on Floor.

What to Wear

No shoes or socks are required but if you would like to wear them for support during our strength and conditioning class, please feel free. Active Wear is ideal however, you are welcome to wear anything that is comfortable if it is not too loose, as it may get caught in our equipment.

What to Bring

Please minimise the extra items you bring as you are required to bring all bags/phones etc. with you onto the floor.
If you require the use of chalk. Due to COVID regulations we ask you please bring your own tupperware container we can fill that is to travel home with you.
Other Items you may need in our ADV classes are – Loops, Guards and any other support strapping you may need.


For one session per week $176.00 –> $223.50 for a 10 week term
$66.00 12 month registration and insurance with Gymnastics Townsville & Gymnastics Queensland