Foundations - Grade 1 to Grade 6 Junior Squad - Invitation Only

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Foundations Tumbling – Open to Grades 1-6

Gymnasts in these programs will be working on their development towards handstand, cartwheels, walk overs, front summersaults, and back handsprings. These will be developed in a controlled environment by our highly qualified and experienced coaching staff.

Unlike our regular Gymnastics For All classes, there won’t be any bars or beam work. These classes are purely working on their floor work and tumble track/trampoline. A portion of each class will be working on Strength and Conditioning for your gymnast to ensure they have the strength to be able to safely perform their newly acquired tumbling skills.


Our gymnasts in this program will be able to move through to an Invitation only Junior Squad Tumbling class once our coaches are satisfied that they have the required strength and flexibility to be able to move to more complex Tumbling sequences. These assessments will be made during class time.

Junior Squad Tumbling

Your child has been selected for this class now that they have successfully completed the requirements of the Foundations Tumbling class. The gymnasts in this class have been accessed by our head coaches as being competent in all aspects of Basic Tumbling are now ready to learn more complex tumbling sequences. Tumbling is now a recognised International sport on its own and we would like to ensure that all our participants will finish our classes with correct positioning and technique to set them up with a good foundation in the sport.


Our gymnasts in this program will be challenged in skills that progress appropriately from the ones currently learning in their Junior Squad class.


Foundations Grade 1-6 –> For one session per week $176.00 for a 10 week term +
$66.oo for a 12 month registration and insurance with Gymnastics Townsville & Gymnastics Queensland